I will use this area of the web site to keep up the the Cruises and Cars & Coffees we are planning.

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BMW CCH Meetings


The next scheduled meeting of the BMW CCH will be on Apr 7  at 6:30PM. There is talk of this meeting being held at Kaka'ako Kitchen in Ward Center.  


The BMW CCH web site can be found HERE


Cars and Coffee

The next Cars and Coffee should be on Mar 14. It will be at Pier 38 and will start at 8AM and will last until everyone leaves, usually between 10 and 11AM. NOTE: parking for these events will be in the same area but we all need to park on the curb side of the drive way. DO NOT park against the building as that will get you a ticket and possible a tow. The last C & C a lot of cars parked in the lot just Mauka of the building we have been using. Click HERE for a map.


BMW CCH is looking at a get together in Nov with a train ride and probably lunch either before or after the train ride. This will probably be a Sunday. More on this as it gets firmed up. Date will probably be Nov 16 or 23. This get together is going to be postponed until some time in the future. Not enough interest right now.

There will probably be a detail session at PakShak some time in April. Will post more when this gets firmed up. Shea and Ranney will set the date for this. This session will be on deailing the interior with PakShak providing the space.  You will have the opportunity to Meet Ranney and look over his inventory.